At the end of the production of the short, the producer suggested us to show Seb and Alain as human beings from the very start of the movie. I did write a pre-credit for the short. It was made of a few scene the script of which is here (French only).

I did not animate them, as they made the film's structure even more intricate and did not make it any easier to understand.

During the week during which I worked on this, Philippe used to cal me ironically the "Hanneke of the Belgian animation short", as a reference to Hannek's "Caché" - a film I love;)



Press Kit

Download the presskit



Fond d'écran




Video reference for shot #52

I filmed myself for a few shots of the short. This allowad me to analyse my mouvement and to try and find some ideas to prepare the animation. I usually switch the webcam on and let it run for some time, repeating the same movement with slight variations, which leaves more choice for reference later.

Here is the video that served as a reference for shot #52 and the animation of the shot (only the characters, before the compositing):


Seb's collection

Some people collect stamps, public transport tickets, stickers, green elephants, firemen trucks or coke cans.

Seb got used to keeping pictures of things in real life that made him smile or laugh. You'll find some on his facebook. Welcome in Seb's collection! And don't hesitate to send us pictures that could complete it;)




We used the music from Johan-Sebastian Bach's Christmas Oratorio for the end of the short. The lyrics were changed and if you don't speak German, you'll have to fait for our "karaogay" to learn them (and a few German words by the way;)

If you can't wait to learn languages, here is a useful book that will help your understand the meaning of "Alles, was ich in meiner Handtasche habe, is Lippenstift und eine Pistole" or "Odamari, kono busu."



Film blog to help me finish it

The shorts's production took a few years, as it was done part time and interrupted by several other projects. A some moemnts, you get tired of the project and look for some ways to motivate yourself.

En 2007, I created a blog (in French) to motivate myself. It had worked for doing sports, so why whouldn't it work for the short ? The blog was fed for a few months. It was very interesting for me to read it after all those years !



End credits

Download the end credits of the short (French only).